Concept 3D and Software Preservation

Screen dump of a glider drawn in Concept 3D

Screen dump of a glider drawn in Concept 3D

There has been some discussion on QL Forum lately about the merits of preserving QL software for the future. I’ve heard arguments ranging from the “publish and be damned” to “don’t even think about it until you get permission to release it”.

A case in point arose in the last few days. Rich Mellor has been quietly (and by that I mean “without fuss”, not “secretly” or “illegally” obviously!) making backup copies of older QL software in the hope that over time we may be able to get permission to release at least some of them either as freeware or commercial QL software titles.

As if to prove a point of the merits of keeping backup copies in these situations, a program called Concept 3D published by Tesseract Software back in the mid 1980s came to light. It’s a 3D graphics program by the late Robert Fingerle, originally distributed by Curry Computer. Unknown to Rich and I, Timothy Swenson had received permission from the author prior to his death to make this software freely available for the QL. As Rich had preserved a copy of the software, we thought we’d try to make it available via my website for QL users to download.

Sadly, we have no manual as yet, although we found a review of the program in a magazine from 1986, so we’ve added that article as a PDF file to the website so you can see what the software’s about, plus it gives a little bit of information about how to use the software until we can find a manual for it. Reading the review, it looks like it’s a great program which would have been a shame to see vanish forever without Rich’s efforts to preserve these rare programs.

Download Concept 3D from the Graphics page on my website at

Screen dump of a goblet drawn in Concept 3D

Screen dump of a goblet drawn in Concept 3D



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