QL-SD Available!

QL-SD is here! Manufactured by a hobbyist in Germany (Paul Veltjens), the first of these units is now available via the SellMyRetro.com (link below) auction website. Note: auction! The first unit(s) may well go for high prices – to quote Peter Scott (owner of QL Forum): “Might end up in a bit of a bun fight for the first one!”

The QL-SD device is based on the Peter Graf hardware design, with Adrian Ives drivers. The installation requires you to open up the QL case, replace MDV2_ in the QL, remove the on-board Sinclair ROMs from their sockets and replace with a small board containing Minerva, and the QL-SD driver code and comes with a SD-HC card which contains a boot program and a little code to run on the QL. Toolkit 2 can be loaded from the SD card. There is a warning that the device may not work with Gold Card and Super Gold Card as it stands. At the time of writing, the QL_SD manual was also available to download as a PDF file.

Further details on the device and a photo available at the web page below. Paul says the auction “will end on 21.1.2014 as this is the QL’s birthday.”



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