Quanta News

One of my roles on the QL scene is that of News Editor for the Quanta Magazine. As a past editor of QL Today magazine, it’s one of my favourite roles on the QL scene – gathering information and news and making it available to all QL users.

I’m currently compiling the News column for the next issue of Quanta magazine – if you have any news you’d like to convey to other QL users, please send it to me via any of my email addresses or via the CONTACT ME message form page, be it software, hardware or any other QL-related news.

If you are not already a Quanta member, you can join via www.quanta.org.uk (use the MEMBERS link at the top of that page and click on SUBSCRIBE TO QUANTA although this wasn’t working at the time of writing).

Alternatively, contact the Membership Secretary John Gilpin. I don’t want to put his phone number or email address on here but contact me privately via this form and I’ll put you in touch with him.

{Update: Quanta subscription pages seem to be working after all, although I couldn’t see the Paypal payment buttons at the time of writing – I did have problems sending emails at the time, so maybe my internet access was having problems at the time, sorry Quanta}


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