QL is 30

Interesting to read the slow drip of message son QL Forum and QL-Users list about the possibility of a QL is 30 event next year, to celebrate 30 years of the Sinclair QL computer. Opinion seems to be in favour of an event in the autumn and no real alternative (UK) venue to the computer museum in Cambridge seems to have been suggested. It’s also good that there’s a real chance it may be privately organised rather than just left to Quanta, since Quanta workshops seem to have run out of steam a bit in recent years.

QL Forum seems to be the best place to discuss it as there are so many new users on there, but the more early discussion and ideas the better.

I suppose there’s nothing to stop there being smaller events in various countries where the QL has a user base too.

The discussion can only be healthy – please carry on making suggestions!


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