SD Card With Qubide

After my tinkering with Compact Flash card adaptors with Qubide, I stumbled across some IDE SD card interfaces on Amazon, so I thought I’d give one of these a try to see if I could get them to work with Qubide. Indeed, it did work, although I only found single card adaptors, not dual master/slave cards like the Compact Flash ones. But not to worry, I planned to use the CF cards anyway as this is going to be a non-swappable installation (the inter

face cards I used for both CF and SD cards are all not hot-swappable), in effect using the two CF cards as an SSD device for my Minis-QL.

Using the SD card IDE interface is just a proof of concep

t for now. I plugged the IDE SD card interface directly into the Qubide (photo below), attached the same power connector and as I was also using a 4GB SD card I could use the same settings to test format an SD card. It all worked first time.

So there we have it – if your QL has a Qubide IDE interface attached, you can now use Compact Flash and SD cards (Qubide format) with them with no need for any extra software.

If you need to copy and move files between the Qubide format cards and, say, a PC you will need file transfer software, but that’s another story…

Photo of IDE SD Card Adaptor plugged into Qubide

IDE SD Card Adaptor plugged into Qubide


4 thoughts on “SD Card With Qubide

  1. Drat, I was really hoping that you would be able to take this memory card and plug it into a PC to swap files.. Can you at least transfer the files and read them in an emulator?

  2. Nope. The “Qubide” format is based on the formats of the old Rebel Hard Disk system. Which was not really compatible with anyone else. “Plug into a PC to swap files” will not occur until someone writes a full transfer utility software. You can’t store QL executable programs on non-QDOS format media because of the loss of file headers, Windows/Linux/etc won’t understand QL format media… same old story goes round in circles all the time.

  3. And if I keep files into a PC formated CF in zip format, and a second CF in QDOS format (qubide suports master/slave, eh?)??? Can I unzip the files from the PC formated CF to the QDOS formated one into the QL?

    • Same problem – file transfer software needs to be written to move files between them. And any QL executable files (programs) would need to be in a QDOS format zip archive, to preserve the file headers.

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