Qubide and Compact Flash Part 2

Picture of Dual Compact Flash IDE Adaptor

The Dual Compact Flash IDE Adaptor

I got some further results today which are quite positive.

Using a spare IDE compact flash adaptor I found in my junk box(!) I was able to get the Qubide PARTITION_EXE program working again. This card has two CF slots on it, so I plugged in the 4GB card and a smaller 16MB card from an old broken camera and they seem to work OK together as a Master/Slave pair. The only slight snag is that the two slots aren’t labelled as to which is which, plus the jumper settings are printed on the PCB, but no pin numbers! Trial and error…

It (the IDE CF adaptor, not the broken camera) has the opposite gender connector, so will need a gender converter to install permanently. Anyway, I’ve ordered a dual IDE CF adaptor unit with the form factor of a 2.5 inch IDE hard disk, which if it works should fit perfectly inside the Minis-QL case in place of the 20MB hard disk, if I then get another 4GB CF card one can backup the other!

With this unit, I was able to create a second partition of 1.8MB (2MB+1.8MB = 4GB eh?), so the next step is to try to make more, smaller partitions so as not to be so wasteful when saving relatively small QL files in large block clusters.

It’s quite a while since I tinkered with QL hardware like this and it makes a nice change from programming!


2 thoughts on “Qubide and Compact Flash Part 2

  1. Dylwin, congratulations on your blog and getting the CF card working. Some time ago I did the same. My IDE/CF interface is for a single card but despite the jumper on the board (no manual) it did not work as a slave to my HDD from where I wanted to copy the files.
    Luckily the 2.5″ drive which gave problems in my MinisQL, hence the move to CF, did work well on my other Aurora (MaxisQL) which I then used to do the formatting and the copying.
    As you already discovered there is no 2GB limit on Qubide. I use block size 8, giving me 256MB partitions. Qubide allows 32 of them, thus filling 8GB and more if you increase the block size. I usually have only 1 or 2 partitions mounted anyway because it takes up a lot of memory.
    At first my normal boot would not work from the CF card. SMSQ/E would hang after loading. This was probably a timing problem because a STOP and manual CONTinue did work so a slight change to the boot process made it run through.
    I also have the IDE cable with a second connector hanging out of the back so I can connect a slave drive to it (HDD, EZ135 or CDR).

  2. Yes, multiple partitions do take up a lot of memory. On my system, each partition takes nearly 0.25 MB, so by having the 8 large partitions over the two CF cards all active, I lose nearly 2MB of the 4MB RAM on a Super Gold Card!

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