QL ROMs In North America

Picture of QL JS ROM

Version JS QL ROMs

The rights to QL ROMs etc in North America have rested with Frank Davies and Paul Holmgren for many years, and the general understanding was that if you wished to distribute Sinclair QL ROM images, for example, you ought to ask them for permission first. This originally became an issue when emulators which included copies of QL ROMs became available to download.

This matter has now been definitively updated. In a post on QL Forum, Rich Mellor was able to say:

“Paul Holmgren and Frank Davis who own the US rights to QDOS have now confirmed that they are willing for QDOS to be distributed freely with emulators in the USA and Canada.There is a minor proviso on that, in that Paul / Frank would like to be kept advised of any projects which are developed using QDOS and sent a copy.”


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