Welcome to Dilwyn Jones’s Sinclair QL Blog

Welcome to my blog, I hope you find my scribblings informative and interesting. I’ve been a QL user since 1984 and so it’s high time I shared my thoughts and experience.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Dilwyn Jones’s Sinclair QL Blog

  1. hi! i’m mostly interested in development, specially cross-development, to QL – for example, i were using Boriel’s ZX-Basic Compiler (coded in Python, GPL licensing) for coding to MSX, and other z80 machines, and would be wonderful if somehow we could extend it to compile to 68k machines as well, like QL is – otherwise, all other cross-development tools for Linux, if they exist, would be really amazing!

  2. One question that I feel the need to ask, is that I see lots of impressive upgrades like the SuperGold card, Q40 and peripherals, but there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of software development that can take advantage of the new hardware. Is there anything out there that really makes the upgrades worthwhile?

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