End Of QL Today

QL Today magazine's last issue

The last issue of QL Today magazine, together with the cover DVD

After 17 volumes, QL Today magazine has finally ceased publication. I had the honour of being its editor for most of its first decade and have read and collected every single issue of what became the longest surviving QL magazine with the exception of the magazine of the user group Quanta.

In recent years, Geoff Wicks, a former QL trader himself, took the helm as editor of the magazine, with Bruce Nicholls taking a lower profile as co-editor and proof reader. Together with publisher Jochen Merz, they guided the magazine through years of slowly declining audience until significant rises in postal costs forced the closure of the magazine in 2013.

The magazine went out in style, though! It came with a cover DVD with a huge amount of free software. The DVD was compiled by Urs König in Switzerland and included unexpected bonuses such as version 4 of the QL emulator QPC2 and a QL emulator for the Raspberry Pi – a version of the uQLx emulator for the ARM processors ported by Tobias Fröschle.

A further bonus was that all 17 volumes of the magazine had been scanned as PDF file and were available on the DVD. 17 years’ worth of QL information on paper now contained on a single DVD!

RIP QL Today. I will miss you.


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